Imagine waking up in the morning free from the relentless pull of an obsession to block out the possibilities of the day. Imagine pushing yourself just a little bit farther than you did the day before. Imagine all the places you might end up today; all the places you once were; how far you have already come. Welcome home. We hope you stay awhile. We would be honored to show you some beautiful things while you're here...


Initially, our facilitators are sometimes faced with opposition. Behind this is a world of misinformation and uncertainty. "Why do I have to go outside?" or "You mean to tell me, that if I don't participate, I'm going to revert back to the life I was living?!" At PIVOTPoint WNC, we feel this to be a common and damaging over-simplification of things.


Finding yourself presented with the option of participating in life -- of having an experience; trying new things -- can feel intimidating. Often the past, however challenging it may have been, feels safer and easier than the unknown.


We are not here to force an experience upon you. Only you can make these choices. Though, odds are, if you have come this far, some part of you has already made a beginning of just such a choice. We are only here to help illuminate the possibilities out there. Will you go back to a way of living that you have worked hard to put down and move past if you choose to stay inside today and pass on sharing some time with us? Of course not. So what is likely to happen if you choose to avoid making changes in the way you approach your own life?

Quite simply: Nothing at all.


Our time together lasts about 6 hours and provides an opportunity for all of us to share our hopes, concerns, trepidations, and aspirations.

We are here to provide an opportunity to apply whatever healing modalities you are currently exploring to a new setting.

We invite you to slow your soul, and your roll. Take a moment and ask yourself if you are willing to embrace this moment; to embrace this opportunity.